Open to any Suggestions!

I have become a “yes man” in the best way! You have something you want to do, I want to do it to; got a different way to approach a subject, I am down to try; hang out with strangers for a couple days, what better way to make new friends; realize someone is in desperate  need of a little help, of course you can crash on my couch. For a long time I looked at being a yes man as being inferior to someone, always doing there dirty work for them while not having the backbone to stand up and say no. Been there done that! Now its seems completely positive.

So have recently quit my job as a cabinet maker to pursue a job in the animal care field. I thoroughly love woodworking and will continue to build my skills at it just not as a spineless yes man. So being a unemployed bachelor for the time being is pretty gosh darn nice. Sleep in till whenever I please (though I usually still rise with the sun), take in a nice casual stroll through town and grab some coffee, read a little, workout at anytime during the day, take in a run at high noon, swim as much as possible, take in a museum, leisurely cook meals and be able to sit down and enjoy them! Life is good

You have to have your priorities straight these days though. At the top of my list is Happiness! It is what keeps me going everyday, doing something that makes me Happy. Now of course its necessary to sometimes juggle top priorities but often times when I do that I lose track or detour away for others. And that seems normal, I would imagine it to be very difficult to always  walk a tight rope and never fall off.  And when you do fall, considering it didn’t kill you, you are able to sit there and  reflect on that situation. Maybe you get right back at it, maybe you listen to others suggestions, maybe you sit back for a while and try again a lot later, and maybe you try a whole new path from the start.  Whatever you choose to do just make sure its because you decided on doing it. When doing something solely to please or show someone else, sometimes the enthusiasm just doesn’t burn as bright.

Writing is still very random and odd to me but I enjoy it I guess. Lets me think a little more on situations I would have just let go by the wayside in the past.

Today is a R.E.D. Friday and I have an old buddy I met in Pararescue Indoc almost  12 years ago that I’ve been thinking about lately. Neal Funches is a badass Air Force Combat Controller fighting at the tip of the spear for his family, friends, brothers in arms, and his country, Neal just celebrated a birthday recently in some desolate part of the world and I would probably imagine it wasn’t his first time. I’m thinking about you buddy, stay safe!

I don’t care what your political or religious views are, I don’t care what age, race or gender you are, I don’t care if your a millionaire or homeless, and that is really refreshing for me being able to say that these days. I think if you treat others the way you would like to be treated, put yourself in other peoples shoes for a bit and stay open for suggestions, so many of life’s little problems will just seem so insignificant.


Need change?

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun and it can seem to stand still when you’re bored or in peril. So we are well into February and it seems like time is flying by for this guy. Lots of good has come from my time in the gym, the guitar lessons are still has tough as the first day and I now have a brother that is calling Colorado his home state.

Where time seems to stand still is at work and with efforts towards meeting new friends. I love carpentry! I will do it for the rest of my life and hope to make timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. I do not need to tarnish my love for something for money or a boss. And it is starting to feel like that right now.  How long should you put up with something that is causing frustration? Stress and frustration are two things I don’t want in my life, not even a little bit. And thats where I’m at these days. Time for change.

My last post really just stemmed from a great album I heard on my computer but I have also been actively trying to make some new friends. Its fun to talk with new people and hear others outlook on life and others journey. It just seems so taxing to be the one constantly making the effort, but if you really want something you need to be the one putting in the time and effort. Yet once again I ask, how long should I be the one to continually make the effort and not really have it reciprocated? For most of my life I have just sat back and let things happen around me, adjusting to them as necessary. Recently I have tried to become more proactive, sticking my neck out way more than I am comfortable doing and it stresses me out with always thinking, well would things have been different if I would have done this, this , or that. I don’t need that. Time for change.

One bit of advice I have given more than any other has been, do you.  I need to take my own advice. Do exactly what you want to do in life! Don’t feel you need to do something just because it seems like thats what the masses are doing! Do you. Advice from others, guidelines or even tradition are all wonderful things to get great ideas of how to live your life but in the end its just that, your life. My brother Neil has helped me realize this just recently and is blazing his own path through life, taking chances, making big moves and doing exactly what he feels is right for him. Thanks for the insight Brother! Time for change

Making Friends

Has to be one of my favorite albums of all times, No Use for a Name! Real fond memories of some fun teenage years when you did everything with your friends. Lagwagon also has a song called Making Friends out that same year, 1997. Well I guess I was a sophomore at  Clay High and friends were easy to come by, you listen to punk rock, you like going to the beach, sweet lets hang out. I have Brothers to the end from those years!

Then when college didn’t suit me after a weak attempt I decided to follow family tradition, Air Force. My Father told me I would meet men that would become my best friends for life. As always, true to his word. I have brothers not best friends. I don’t need to speak to these men for years but when I to it its a great joy and boy have things changed on their end. Most are married with kids, college degrees and in the pursuit of higher education all while working full time in some cases. Their great to talk to and catch up but not a whole lot in common anymore.

Now in the pursuit of change and bigger and better things, I live in Denver. Still listening to the same No Use for a Name album as 17 years ago but definitely don’t think its as easy at making friends as it was back then. To many variables these day; careers, families, hobbies, travel, you name it.  And I am sure I have said it and have heard it been said that “I don’t need anymore friends.”  I guess it can’t cover every situation.

I must say I am completely comfortable with my situation as a single man with no real career chosen yet, no wife, no Jameson Jr., I do wish I had more education but theres always more time for that.  But as a single guy in a new place in my 30′s its not as easy as it once was. No big deal really I just kind of wonder when it ended. Was it with me seeking solitude and just thinking about myself for so long? Or is it as you get older your priorities change and life follows in suit to meet those changes? Always good to have but not necessary?

Well deeper writing then I expected round her but whatevs. publish

I have been bringing my own shopping bags to the grocery and was using the old plastic ones for trash bags and now I have run out of plastic bags and now unfortunately trash bags.

And If somehow you are reading this on Feb.1, it’s National Freedom Day!


Leaving your comfort zone

So I have recovered enough to take a minute and type some things out about my weekend. Things went great to start things off! I set goals for the first day of: have fun, compete with myself, stay hydrated and complete 60 Double Unders in 5 minutes; checked all those off! Starting off in the morning I had the butterfly’s in the stomach that make new things exciting but when weights started flying things became familiar.  I was able to keep my head on straight, stick to my game plan for each workout( which was pretty much divide and conquer) and finish each workout proud of the effort I was able to put out. That effort was good enough for that weekend. I now need to become stronger, I need to become faster, I need to be more consistent and I now need to create goals to be able to do those things.

Day Two was real fun, Pool Day! The only goal I wrote down for that day was, Swim fast, so I would say I did as best I could at that.  I also did do 5 more pullups than I had hoped in 3 and a half minutes at 55. The last workout was my favorite and also the one I did my best in at 7th place.  It was a really great weekend of competition, meeting new people, sportsmanship and community.

In the end all the little details of the competition and leading up to this weekend, any stress of wondering if I was prepared enough is totally forgotten. All that really matter is that I had goals that were achieved and I had a fun time doing it.

If you want details on the competition all you need to do is google Winter Wodfest 2014, they got all kinds of stuff up there and hopefully some pictures soon.

Somethings I learned were: I need to get stronger; when you aren’t feeling strong be efficient; and take some chances so you don’t squander opportunities! The first one just takes time, patience, practice and consistency. Be efficient is something I am trying to incorporate in every facet of my life right now. Reminds me of an old Air Force saying, don’t work harder, work smarter!

As for squandered opportunities, I remember when that saying came about with my friends and it was when we were surfing. Letting a beautiful wave pass by was such a squandered opportunity but I learned a whole lot from it. The obvious is that there are always going to be more waves but none exactly the same. So maybe you paddle real hard and catch up to that perfect wave, stand up but get sent straight over the falls and go crashing to the sea floor but at least you tried right? Or maybe you paddle real hard make a real late drop on the wave your bottom turn saves you and places you perfectly in the barrel of the best wave of your live! But you almost let it go by as just another squandered opportunity.


Keep in mind….


So it is Friday and for most of us its the day before the weekend and maybe even sometime off of work or school.  But still there are men and women in our Armed Forces that are overseas in some random country doing there best to stay focused at whatever task they have at hand. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday it doesn’t matter what day it is, if there is a job to be done it will continue.

Now I have really wanted to stay away from subjects such as politics, religion and  other touchy subjects for people but this one is just too near and dear to me. I served, my father served and my Pap served. Now granted today as a civilian I don’t care too much for our Government and come to think of it I really didn’t care too much for it while I was in. But it was the right thing to do ( I felt) at that time. And at the end of the day I wasn’t doing it for The President, the Defense Secretary or Congress I was doing it for my family and the men whom I had met in the service and were going through the same thing I was.

Years I ago I tried to go through an Indoctrination course for Air Force Special Forces, unfortunately I quit, and still regret it today but that’s for another post another time. While I was at Medina AFB in San Antonio Texas I met Neal Funches, real cool dude from Florida and we roomed together. Now we really only knew each other for a couple of months before I moved on towards another career in the AF and Neal entered the pipeline to become a Combat Controller. Which is what he is doing today as a job in some far off location with his brothers in arms.

Afghanistan is Americas longest ongoing conflict ever.  I am positive we have done good over there and made the world a little safer, a little. I just feel horrible when I hear of service members still dying over there. How much is too much? How long is too long? I don’t know those answers and I know for a fact our Government hasn’t a clue either.

So Im’ going to leave it at this, I wish all our countrymen would return home to their families safely, the sooner the better.

Funches I’m thinking about  you and that sweet beard of yours and what havoc it can rain down on our enemies. Stay safe, stay on that radio, and remember you may be out of sight but not out of mind!



Jamming though January

So I just switched the Pandora radio stations from Through the Eyes of the Dead radio to Ludwig van Beethoven radio and instantly felt like writing a little! Music is a wonderful thing how it can bring back old memories, spark such emotion, and really change someones current situation.

My current situation is great! Belly full of food and still have leftovers, didn’t have to work today, and got in a real nice workout in at the leisurely hour of noon! I also started the morning off with an Echocardiogram which went well though I wasn’t able to get any initial feedback from the technician. A little blood work and I was done! I signed a release of information so I will get my results mailed to me when they become available. I’ve been taking my meds daily now, eating right, and working out so I am anxious to see what kind of results come back.

I feel awesome though! Four months ago today I got back from my nice summer vacation and started back at Crossfit Colfax. After four months of hard work and dedication, eating healthy and constant goal setting and achieving I am proud to say again I believe I am in the best shape of my life. I may not be the fastest (yet) or the strongest (yet) I have ever been but I still have goals. I plan on testing my development this weekend in my first Crossfit competition with the only goals of: not getting hurt, having fun and not getting frustrated when my Double Unders aren’t going as smoothly as my positive thought process may have lead me to believe. It is simply a basis for years and years to come, there is also swimming involved which is pretty much the only reason I signed up. I’ll post all about it next week.

Speaking of not being the fastest in my life right now, it was probably 12 years ago when I was. Getting all trained up for Pararescue Indoc I was running sub seven minute miles constantly. I would like to try that again. Now I’m about the same weight as then but after multiple sprained ankles and remnants of runners knee I could have quite a feet ahead of me. If could get faster at running and the fastest in my life on my bicycle I feel this years triathlons will be very personally rewarding!

And thats what it’s all about, feeling good about yourself!

IMG_2265Family Classic right here!!





I have new viewers!

Thanks to asthma symptoms and reduce cellulite  for the comments recently, sense I’m sure we’ve never met I’ll share a Genuine Jameson story.

I am not a huge fan of a lot of possessions or materialistic  things. I give things away when I move at the drop of a hat yet I still have the t-shirt I wore to my first Warped Tour in ’96. I would really like to give away everything I haven’t personally built myself but I haven’t built a couch, dinner table or bed frame yet, but one day.

One prized possession of mine is this guitar in front of me that I was starting to build one year ago and now struggle daily to learn how to play.

But something that I have received as a gift more recently beats my guitar out for my most cherished item hands down! And its a hand me down. I have gotten more compliments on  this item then any other clothing item I’ve ever had. Even had a trivia question asked because of it. Which I knew the answer to luckily.  What was the decisive Battle of the Texas Revolution fought on this dudes birthday 1836 led by General Sam Houston,  anybody? San Jacinto. And I am now the proud new owner of my Pap’s USS San Jacinto hat!




Needless to say this thing is supper sweet! The sentimental value of this hat is priceless! The actions that happened aboard this vessel and actions launched from it, I would not be alive if my Pap had not succeeded. Like President George H.W. Bush my Pap’s Grumman TBF Avenger was shot up shortly after launching off the deck of the San Jacinto. Bush was the sole survivor of his aircraft after ditching at sea, my Pap, Richard Dean Fetzer survived a crash landing over land and became a P.O.W. He eventually was released into enemy territory to crawl for two weeks under daily sniper fire from Indochina (Vietnam) into China. Now I don’t know if he ever made it back to the San Jacinto but I know it never left his mind. For years he met with his brothers at reunions and it seems that I have this hat from one on the 50th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I love this hat.

I don’t say that about many objects but I’ll say it again, I love this hat!

Remember to cherish the things you have! I did a workout today as a fund raiser for a local athlete and coach who recently became paralyzed after a freak accident at a competition.  I heard also that a former firefighter classmate of mine had a bilateral pulmonary embolism, which I really don’t know what its is but I do know that he now is relearning to use all four of his extremities. Boy life is to short so remember what you have and live it up. To just be able to go outside on a nice sunny day and walk anywhere I please, should be a cherished event. It may be nice to have a Gucci sweater or Platinum grill, both of which I’m taking donations for, but I know for a fact that to have something with some substance, a background, a story of its own is way better then anything bought at the Uptown Mall.

To hear about someones life changing event take place in the blink of an eye should be an eye opener to anyone that hears about them. Not to frighten someone from doing something. But encouraging someone to get out and have grand experiences with the smallest or largest of events.

There is an email I have saved from my father from a while back and the first three lines of the last paragraph read like this:

     ”Your futre is what you make of it. I hope you make it fun. Enjoy         everyday!”

I try to remember that everyday yet there are times that I don’t remind myself of that enough. Cherish what you have. Remember to give thanks for things that you take for granted.

So yeah I’m excited for this week I get a few tests done on my heart with some blood work and then my first CrossFit competition is a week from today!

Word of the day: Litigious-adj. – inclined to dispute or disagree; argumentative.     I try not to be litigious with stupid people.


Having an excuse

Why do I do it?I Say (to myself) I’m going to do something and later I find myself finding  an excuse to do it later or not at all. Maybe its the procrastinator in me but I have become fairly goal driven and excuses just seem like something that need not to exist. I’m lying to myself. If I told someone I would be more accountable or even writing it down on paper, which I guess I’ll have to try next. A list of things to get done for the day starting when I wake up.

I almost excused myself from writing tonight after I found an excuse to miss a swim practice but decided against it. And the best thing is that I can do whatever I want and be fine with the decision I made at that time.  But later on when I’m about to put myself in a situation to do the best I can will I look back wonder if I could have prepared more or be completely satisfied with where I am at on any given day.  Day to day goals are nice but its the weeks, months, years that count the most. And I pretty much just reminded myself of that right now which is pretty great!

Went to the Zoo! It was Free Day at the Zoo! It was a Zoo!

Okapi | San Diego Zoo Animals.

Saw that crazy guy and I say I’ve never seen one before because I’ve never been to the Congo but I guess I’ve been to the San Diego Zoo before, don’t remember.

Also saw a Red Panda, which does’t look like you would think. You should google it because I have not mastered this blog deal yet.

An Asiatic Black Bear…

Home – Free the Bears.Org.

Had coffe with this guy…

photo 1

And then ran into an old friend of mine..

photo 2 Zoo’s are here and there for me. Yeah I’m glad I was able to say I’ve seen a Bongo and now have seen and want to own a Golden Lion Tamarin. Those guys were definitely not in there element, so when I can yes I would prefer to see them in Africa or where ever they live in the wild. But sometimes free things are to good to pass up. And the people watching that day was world class, I kid you not!

Well kind of random stuff but hey, thats what I’m here for!

“I write to remember” SAM

P.S. Putting Mozart on the record player make me feel fancy!







Guitar & Gym!

Its pretty much all I think about these days. Its not that I don’t have other thoughts throughout the day but I find my mind wondering off in those two directions more often then not! But when I’m at the gym or sitting on the couch with my guitar, my mind doesn’t wonder. It stays in that very moment and the task at hand is all matters, the only thought going on.

Thats something that doesn’t happen often for me because now as I write I get distracted with thoughts of other things almost constantly. When I cook I can’t keep focused on one thing for nothing.  Focus at work can be very brief for the moment but it sometimes feels like autopilot, you know just going through the movements. To stay completely focused on that very moment is a tough thing for me so when it happens naturally or I can keep that focus because of such great interest, thats a good thing. I can only image what focus my buddy Beau goes through standing atop an antenna, cliff, building or bridge. I am sure going faster then the speed of sound with a little glass bubble around you and two engines going full afterburner will command your full attention as well! But I have not been able to do cool things like that yet!

RIght now its trying to get my pinky finger to stay still while the others move about, its trying to move 150 pounds from the ground to overhead as fast as possible.  Sitting and being able to hear the outcome of my full on concentration is extremely rewarding when things go right. Something as simple as picking something up and putting it over my head demands my attention and brings me right back with the sense of accomplishment afterwards. Those are good things and they make me happy so that is pretty much why thats where my mind goes, to my happy place. I remember years ago when the ocean was that happy place, the ocean demands your attention too, don’t turn your back on the ocean!

With all the distractions in the world today its nice to have something  that you can be at one with, where everything else just fades from the background.

I need to find a way to put sweet videos or links to them up on this mug!


The Ridiculous Real Life of Jameson